Every Williams move is planned and managed. A professional moving company with professional movers


When you move with Williams you’re not alone.

Our clients are important to us, and our relationship with you is what has allowed us to provide moving services for over 80 years. It takes more than good service to produce the kind of loyalty and repeat business we enjoy. We help moves lives.

Every customer of Williams Moving & Storage has their own designated Move Manager. The Move Manager is the single point of contact for the customer from the beginning of their move to the very end, including a post move follow up to ensure the customer is satisfied. The Move Manager works closely with the Operations team and Dispatchers to ensure all time lines on the move are met, and that the customer is regularly notified about the status and progress of their move. Our Move Managers constantly ask the customer, “If you were to rate the level of service you have received so far, would you rate us 10 out of 10?”. If the customer cannot give us the perfect 10, the priority of the Move Manager is to immediately determine why and resolve the situation so we can receive the perfect 10 rating and proceed with the rest of the move.

No two moves are alike, so we manage each one with care and attention to deliver a seamless experience from first point of contact to follow-up. Our Move Managers are the people who make sure that we are delivering what is promised, each and every time – right down to our post move customer satisfaction surveys.