The Williams Price & Outcome Guarantee


Williams Guarantees Price and Outcome on Each and Every Move

  1. No extra charges.
  2. We deliver as promised or give money back.
  3. All of the fine print is WRIT LARGE.

The Fine Print

  1. The price increases only if the customer adds things to be moved that were not present at the time of the estimate.
  2. Our promise to deliver is backed up by our 10 X 10% Money Back Schedule.
  3. Our performance is judged against the “reasonable person on the street” test.
  4. A customer may present a disagreement with our judgement to the Better Business Bureau for final and binding resolution through mediation/arbitration within 30 days.
  5. Certain restrictions may apply on elements in the Money Back Schedule that are not provided solely by Williams Moving & Storage. Please consult with your Move Manager for more details.

The 10 X 10% Money Back Schedule

We offer 10% money back on each of 10 specific performance elements if the outcome on that element does not measure up to delivery of what was promised;

  1. First contact with our Customer Care Representative 10%
  2. Estimating and booking process 10%
  3. Move management before & during the move 10%
  4. Load & delivery dates as promised 10%
  5. Packing 10%
  6. Loading 10%
  7. Unloading 10%
  8. Unpacking 10%
  9. Claims process 10%
  10. Follow-up after move 10%

This is my personal promise that I guarantee to you.

G.J. (Jim) Williams, President & CEO

October 29, 2013

To view a printable PDF version of our Value Statement, click Williams Value Proposition.